NOT-to-do list

A not-to-do list. Nice idea. I have to give it some thought. Found on the blog I recommended yesterday.
First ideas for today:

1.  worry about future employment situation
2.  feel bad for not cleaning the windows (again)
3. go get my hair cut


Possibly haunted robot...

OK, not only is my layout lame, I also have very little ideas of my own. Thank goodness there are fun blogs that I can 'review' and link ; )

Like this one: The Bloggess.
Example: She tells the story of how she auctioned a robot on e**y describing it thus: "possibly haunted robot that might eat you in your sleep".

She sold it to some guy for $75!!! Read for yourself about the ensuing issues with e**y ; )! You need to scroll down a bit, past the mother's day stuff.



NO, I would not go so far as to call this a blog relaunch. My ideas might dry up over night. As long as I feel communicative, however, here you go:

There is a list of 100 women bloggers people should check out and so far I like these:

General advice: dear coquette

Keeping your place clean: unfuck your habitat

Dealing with depression: hyperbole and a half


I would like nailpolish to dry on my nails and not smudge after I waited an hour before touching anything.
I am aware of the unimportance of this on a global scale.