freedom to quote?

I would really like to post quotes from books I am reading but I would have to get the author's permission, which would be a real pain and take forever. This is really sad, as it would actually be advertising the books, as I would only choose exceptionally great quotes. The author I would like to quote in particular is one I am doing research on at the moment and I already tried to contact her via her agent, which was not possible...

So I am debating whether I want to change this page into one where I talk about books, but it is kind of pointless without being able to quote them...

Any really knowledgeable help with regard to copyright law would be helpful. But I am pretty sure there is no way of doing this legally.



free audio books

Look, free audio books!!!
How cool!

Little Women starts with kids discussing what they would like to buy ; )

What I do not like about audio books most of the time is when the readers sing song around and stress intonation way too much. ANNOYING!!

The complete opposite is mp3s on Project Gutenberg read by a monotonous computer voice ; )

Well well, I still do not have the perfume and am debating whether to get it or not on a daily basis. I could buy it with the amazon voucher and not even violate my rules. It is starting to become ridiculous....


Pussy Riot

As a not insignificant number of my readers (12 out of 75) gains access from the Russian Federation: Drushba, my Russian friends! I hope you are all supporting Pussy Riot!
Oh shit, now I cannot travel to Russia....

oh, what the ...

ok, I am buying the perfume!!!

... ...

The perfume will make me happy, I need the perfume.


Life sucks, I want the perfume.

Danke für meine Arbeitsstelle

work sucks, I want the perfume.



Bought two more things:

1. cheapo Axolotl Roadkill. Commentary: I consider a book really good if I want to re-read it again and again. Do I want to re-read A. R.: ? No!! Conclusion: I want an Axolotl (*). They smile.

2. wool. Am knitting little hats right now.

Conclusion: Whenever I leave the house I buy things.

I will only post a picture of my knitting if I am urged on by plenty of commentaries to do so ; )

*just read they are an endangered species, how sad.



I bought clothes today....oh no. Of course I can justify it: I needed short pants for our upcoming vacation and I did not have one single pair. So I bought two.......and a pullover.....which I needed for....winter. Winter is coming! So F. says I failed in my 'mission' here. I personally see it as something that was bound to happen and it will not discourage me from trying to continue with the original idea. Buying nothing I do not need.


Give-away! Yay!

Give-away today!

I keep buying these big hair thingies (hairbands?), although they give me headaches and do not stay on my head the way the lady in this great tutorial suggests...

So those of you who know me personally, live in my immediate area, and have longish hair (not a prerequisite, really), let me know if you'd like to have these. I only tried them out once and they don't work for me....


welcome no. 2

btw: welcome, follower no. 2 !!
One month into blogging here I seem to have run out of ideas what to post already, as I am simply not buying things.
I just haven't had the time to want to buy things, really. The temptation is there but it is not as strong as I thought it would be. Just knowing I have this blog and to buy something would mean to admit defeat is enough, ; )
I do not think of myself as a competitive person, but maybe I am, after all.

The other day I cleared out a huge bag of old clothes from the basement and put them in one of these containers. I know they are selling these clothes, not giving them away, so I do not shove the clothes all the way in but let them sit on the front bit of the container. So people who are really in need of clothes can come by and just take what they need. I 've seen this happen twice, it works.

It feels good to get rid of old things that only take up space. Maybe a better feeling than buying new stuff.

But: Just read an article in TIME  magazine that celebrity women (and men) wearing cheaper clothing (Zara, H&M etc.) generate a new kind of problem: People buy a lot more clothes than they used to because they want to have what celebs have and they can afford it these days. So a lot more clothes a produced and then thrown out to generate room for more new clothes. I've been doing this for years - not buying celeb stuff but buying too many clothes only to throw stuff out and buy more.

I guess my reduced income puts a natural stop to this ; )


Back in a world without dixie toilets ; )
Very glad I bought wet wipes!!! And disinfectant!!!

What I definitely should buy for the next festival, no way around it: boots my size ; )
Sorry S., I think I might have destroyed yours....or wait, it wasn't me- it was WACKEN!!!


I bought something:

It's a bag full of rice (5kg) that is reusable as a handbag ; ). I fooled my own system ; )


P.S.: Referring to the name of this blog, there are many things I would like to see happen and I will mention some every now and then. Today I would like to see Sadaf Rahimi, the first and only olympic Afghan women's boxer to actually compete. But her invitation was revoked last minute, which is an outrage!!!

Rocken am Brocken was great, thanks for the boots, S.!! I needed them, it rained like crazy on Friday ; )

I was a bit shocked again to see how much trash people produce in three days. No photo documentation, sorry. But people threw away (just left piles of) food and perfectly usable things like chairs. WTF?

Back home I will have to heck on the guerilla garden. I gave away free banana plant babies the other day:

Preparing for Wacken now, of course there are things I would like to buy, like dry shampoo. What a great invention!!


One more guerilla gardening try:

; )
this little guy is happy


The book I posted yesterday is very interesting!! Thanks J.! I find many statements very true and thinking about the issues addressed is definitely worthwhile: in the western societies of our world, on a general level, people have ENOUGH food, things, work, choice, happiness, growth (personal and economical). But generally we still want more of all of it. Why? It is not good for us, others, and our world to constantly want more.

In fact, most of us have so many things that we cannot even store them in our immediate surroundings anymore. People start renting space to store things they are not using.

And should you decide to get rid of things you can find that it is not all that easy. No-one wants used stuff anymore these days, says Naish. Of course, one should try charitable organizations, but even those sometimes do not want your old sofa, bed linen, computer monitor.

He mentions an interesting concept: Freecycle. In groups in your local areas you can advertize your things and look for things you want but you have to give them away for free. It is a worldwide organization. Sounds good!


Currently reading: Enough by John Naish. Interesting. Says we need to overcome our genetic programming that tells us to hoard things ; ). Agree.


Did not buy the boots, saved ~18 €.

< Borrowed a basic book for work instead of buying it (~18 €).

Am re-reading old magazines instead of buying new ones>

And my husband reactivated his old BMX bike for me:

A great recommendation for a rainy day: Watch all episodes of "Lost in Austen" for free on Arte online!!!!
(in German...)
So, theoretically, I 'saved' a lot of money these past days but in reality it is money I just do not have anymore anyway ; )


Good idea Anonymous ( you CAN give yourselves aliases, you know ; ), I will keep tabs of the prices of things I didn't buy to check how much I save!

Considering the weather

and the fact that we will be going to Rocken am Brocken and Wacken, I really could use waterproof boots.

What I have is this:

which I got laughed at for in Wacken last year ; ) (yes, they have zippers - no, they are not waterproof).
If it ever stops raining today I could venture out and take a picture of the plaid wellis I would LIKE to get. I am still debating whether I shouldn't seriously consider waterproof boots basic necessities and go get them....
Can I?


Here's someone with the same idea, for example:


But her latest post shows sth she bought?

I'll keep looking for further like-minded people....


Nailpolish is one of the things that I keep buying no matter how much I already have. Usually because the colors look nice in the bottles (...). Like pretty much any Butter London color. Many times I then do not even like the color once it is on my nails. Like this color for example:

 looks nice in the bottle

but weird on my nails. Why would I want to wear skin colored nailpolish??

But it is called "Tea With the Queen"!!! The other Butter London color I have is dark red and called "Tramp Stamp". Great names, nice page, nice concept. BUT: way too expensive for me right now and totally senseless with at least ten other nailpolishes waiting to be used up. So, no more of this.

By the way: I am not the first person to try this no-shopping business and blog about it. So if you want to do the same thing, feel free!! The more the merrier!


Hello dear readers, I am happy to hear that some people actually followed my invitation. Please try to write commentaries, I changed the settings and it should be possible to comment anonymously now.

Why am I doing this again? >>no money, no space left in the appartment, therapeutic reasons.
I seriously believe that I have a problem concerning my shopping habits. When I see something I like I buy it. In most cases I have something very similar already and it is absolutely senseless to buy more of the same. There is only so much jewellery you can wear etc etc.

I am aware of the fact that my entries so far sound rather superficial. Of course, what I blog about here is not the only concern in my life; in fact, it is a marginal everyday 'byproduct'. My goal is to spend money that I might save on worthier things like Medicines Sans Frontieres, there you go.

P.S.: Also, I would like to add that I generally do not approve of animals being held in zoos, especially not elephants, wild cats, and primates.


No temptation yesterday at the train station, Tchibo is only selling pet parafernalia at the moment....
What I would really like to buy after I've used up the sample is this:

But I have enough leftover perfume to tide me over for a while:

1. old Liz Claiborne (like the one in the red plastic triangle flask better but that seems to be out of production), 2.  Lotus essence from Egypt, 3. Betty Barclay (don't like it that much).


I finally have a purpose for my blog:  Documentation of one year without buying things I do not need.
I will try (very hard) not to buy things I do not need for a year, starting today. Examples are: clothes, make-up, useless cute little things.

Exceptions are food, books (for my dissertation), presents for others, entry fees for the zoo, concerts, movies, pool and the like, and basic hygiene products ; ). I am also allowing myself to use up vouchers I have.

Apart from that, instead of buying things I will take pictures of them and then look for things I already own that are basically the same thing.

Here is a picture of the very last thing I bought, ealier today, for 12 €:

An aluminum bowl for water plants for our balcony which I have wanted for a very long time.

And from now on its "make do or do without".