Upcycling Projects

Two very fun upcycling projects, pics to come soon I hope.
Number one is a woolen coat that used to be my grandma's. The lining had holes in it so I tore it out.
Unfortunately I threw it away because now I really like that coat and want to wear it again. With the old lining there would have been a slight (!) chance of me managing to create a pattern myself but like this...

I bought liner fabric and took it to a little Turkish owned store round the corner and in two weeks' time I'll hopefully be able to post the result ; ). 

(BTW: The woman working there has been in the business for 40 years and still thinks it is a difficult project - for those who think "why is she not doing it herself, lazy bee?"- I would have ruined it, that's why!)

A lot cheaper than buying a new woolen coat, AND so sustainable!!! Yay.

Project number two will take a little while to realize. I'll be back.

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