One month into blogging here I seem to have run out of ideas what to post already, as I am simply not buying things.
I just haven't had the time to want to buy things, really. The temptation is there but it is not as strong as I thought it would be. Just knowing I have this blog and to buy something would mean to admit defeat is enough, ; )
I do not think of myself as a competitive person, but maybe I am, after all.

The other day I cleared out a huge bag of old clothes from the basement and put them in one of these containers. I know they are selling these clothes, not giving them away, so I do not shove the clothes all the way in but let them sit on the front bit of the container. So people who are really in need of clothes can come by and just take what they need. I 've seen this happen twice, it works.

It feels good to get rid of old things that only take up space. Maybe a better feeling than buying new stuff.

But: Just read an article in TIME  magazine that celebrity women (and men) wearing cheaper clothing (Zara, H&M etc.) generate a new kind of problem: People buy a lot more clothes than they used to because they want to have what celebs have and they can afford it these days. So a lot more clothes a produced and then thrown out to generate room for more new clothes. I've been doing this for years - not buying celeb stuff but buying too many clothes only to throw stuff out and buy more.

I guess my reduced income puts a natural stop to this ; )

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