free audio books

Look, free audio books!!!
How cool!

Little Women starts with kids discussing what they would like to buy ; )

What I do not like about audio books most of the time is when the readers sing song around and stress intonation way too much. ANNOYING!!

The complete opposite is mp3s on Project Gutenberg read by a monotonous computer voice ; )

Well well, I still do not have the perfume and am debating whether to get it or not on a daily basis. I could buy it with the amazon voucher and not even violate my rules. It is starting to become ridiculous....


Anonym hat gesagt…

just buy the fucking perfume or whatever!!

Marie hat gesagt…

Ahh yes, thanks, I'm gonna take this piece of advice.
Hold on, I already did ; )

Marie hat gesagt…

I am so glad readers are interacting ; )