The book I posted yesterday is very interesting!! Thanks J.! I find many statements very true and thinking about the issues addressed is definitely worthwhile: in the western societies of our world, on a general level, people have ENOUGH food, things, work, choice, happiness, growth (personal and economical). But generally we still want more of all of it. Why? It is not good for us, others, and our world to constantly want more.

In fact, most of us have so many things that we cannot even store them in our immediate surroundings anymore. People start renting space to store things they are not using.

And should you decide to get rid of things you can find that it is not all that easy. No-one wants used stuff anymore these days, says Naish. Of course, one should try charitable organizations, but even those sometimes do not want your old sofa, bed linen, computer monitor.

He mentions an interesting concept: Freecycle. In groups in your local areas you can advertize your things and look for things you want but you have to give them away for free. It is a worldwide organization. Sounds good!

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