Nailpolish is one of the things that I keep buying no matter how much I already have. Usually because the colors look nice in the bottles (...). Like pretty much any Butter London color. Many times I then do not even like the color once it is on my nails. Like this color for example:

 looks nice in the bottle

but weird on my nails. Why would I want to wear skin colored nailpolish??

But it is called "Tea With the Queen"!!! The other Butter London color I have is dark red and called "Tramp Stamp". Great names, nice page, nice concept. BUT: way too expensive for me right now and totally senseless with at least ten other nailpolishes waiting to be used up. So, no more of this.

By the way: I am not the first person to try this no-shopping business and blog about it. So if you want to do the same thing, feel free!! The more the merrier!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Very nice Blog Marie! I´m looking forward to get more information about very unnecessary things every mtf day. Great ;)

Until now I didn´t even associate butter london with a firm. But they seem to be pretty cool.

"About butter LONDON

We Believe in Rock & Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion."

Maybe i´ll buy one tomorrow...

Marie hat gesagt…


Saskia hat gesagt…

Because it's a trend! It's called mannequin manicure. :o)

Marie hat gesagt…

I see....since I posted it I've come to actually like it ;)

Beth hat gesagt…

Anything called "Tea with the Queen" must be wonderful, right? :)