I finally have a purpose for my blog:  Documentation of one year without buying things I do not need.
I will try (very hard) not to buy things I do not need for a year, starting today. Examples are: clothes, make-up, useless cute little things.

Exceptions are food, books (for my dissertation), presents for others, entry fees for the zoo, concerts, movies, pool and the like, and basic hygiene products ; ). I am also allowing myself to use up vouchers I have.

Apart from that, instead of buying things I will take pictures of them and then look for things I already own that are basically the same thing.

Here is a picture of the very last thing I bought, ealier today, for 12 €:

An aluminum bowl for water plants for our balcony which I have wanted for a very long time.

And from now on its "make do or do without".

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