Hello dear readers, I am happy to hear that some people actually followed my invitation. Please try to write commentaries, I changed the settings and it should be possible to comment anonymously now.

Why am I doing this again? >>no money, no space left in the appartment, therapeutic reasons.
I seriously believe that I have a problem concerning my shopping habits. When I see something I like I buy it. In most cases I have something very similar already and it is absolutely senseless to buy more of the same. There is only so much jewellery you can wear etc etc.

I am aware of the fact that my entries so far sound rather superficial. Of course, what I blog about here is not the only concern in my life; in fact, it is a marginal everyday 'byproduct'. My goal is to spend money that I might save on worthier things like Medicines Sans Frontieres, there you go.

P.S.: Also, I would like to add that I generally do not approve of animals being held in zoos, especially not elephants, wild cats, and primates.


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Ha, first comment :-) Good luck, I hope you will inspire me a bit!
Good night - Verena

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yay, thanks for commenting Verena!!!