Did not buy the boots, saved ~18 €.

< Borrowed a basic book for work instead of buying it (~18 €).

Am re-reading old magazines instead of buying new ones>

And my husband reactivated his old BMX bike for me:

A great recommendation for a rainy day: Watch all episodes of "Lost in Austen" for free on Arte online!!!!
(in German...)
So, theoretically, I 'saved' a lot of money these past days but in reality it is money I just do not have anymore anyway ; )


Ian Shepherd hat gesagt…

Would you please post a picture with you riding the fancy bike?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Ian,

last time I tried riding it I had a hard time not falling off ; )
Maybe after I've familiarized myself with its tinieness, inflexible handle bar and the like ; )....


Beth hat gesagt…

How is Lost in Austen? I have it in my Queue and never watch it. Next rainy day, that is my plan!

Marie hat gesagt…

very very sweet, lovingly done! M.